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The decrease in live morphometric traits as the level of TDLM increased could be attributed to the decrease in feed consumption which was complicated by the increased bulkiness of the feed and poor palatability of the diets containing TDLM [23].
com) This super-svelte design from Belkin helps you keep your iPad 2 safe from bumps and scrapes without the bulkiness that other cases bring.
The fully-articulated arms, knees, and seat eliminate bulkiness and make the garments very comfortable for extended sits.
The specially designed Curves-patented hydraulic resistance machines are ideal for an effective workout which gives the women's body feminine definition rather than bulkiness.
1998) presents excellent accounts of all species including migrants, at the costs of bulkiness for a field guide and separation of species plates from accounts.
The fish see the fly as it is being worked across the current and all the flies dressed with good feathers lose their bulkiness when they are viewed in transmitted light.
Although new, the bulkiness of the Snowhill building marks it out as unusual.
We continuously work on improving the bulkiness, which improves the absorbency of the towel.
uk) Wearing safety equipment on the roads is an absolute must, but the bulkiness of the cycle helmet does put some people off as it is a pain to squeeze in a rucksack.
They had also contemplated using a traditional trencher or ditch machine, but decided against it because the equipment's bulkiness and heavy weight prevented it from being easily moved from location to location.
He wanted to overcome the bulkiness of a traditional estate and give the Insignia a premium sports look and feel, building on the long wheelbase and wide track.