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The subject of the contract is the following services: Operations "bulky is easy as a phone call" and "zero bulky in common areas".
The council announced this week that it was not accepting any new requests to take bulky items or garden waste away.
Bulky Bob's diverted 83% of the waste from landfill, sending it for recycling, or for reuse to their London Road shop, Bulky Bob's Furniture World.
NEW charges have been introduced by Bridgend County Borough Council for the collection of all bulky waste items, such as carpets, sofas, beds and chairs.
BIRMINGHAM residents can get their bulky rubbish collected five days a week from next month.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Residents in the emirate of Abu Dhabi have been urged not to dispose bulky waste beside garbage bins on pavements and roads as it defaces the appearance and cultural heritage of the city.
BULKY Bob's will continue to collect bulky household waste in Liverpool after successfully bidding for a pounds 3m contract.
Large and medium tangential series granulators suitable for bottles and other bulky shapes.
After Chornyj found nothing on the market outside of the bulky, single cylinder, self-contained breathing apparatus, he decided to design a better one.
Dear Editor, - Pamela Creed's complaint (Post, Feb 23) that a bulky rubbish collection will create even more rubbish on Harborne's pavements is absurd.
Proposals have been drawn up for two DIY and bulky goods warehouse units on an unused site in Morpeth which would create 40 jobs.