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Prime Minister Modi's dream project of bullet train is underway in Mumbai Thane, and the under the sea tunnel may complete by August 15, 2022.
I am hundred per cent certain that the bullet train service would not be affordable to the common man.
The introduction of high-speed links and bullet trains were one of the key campaign promises of Modi, who was elected in May 2014.
His idea is to make this bullet train project operational within five years, in time for the next general elections where he can parade it to the electorate as a symbol of strong and resurgent India.
Bullet Train arrived at Wintergreen two weeks ago and was well received at an open house held in his honour last week.
The railway minister promised a nationwide safety inspection and also announced further reductions in the top speed of bullet trains following cuts in April.
A BULLET train crashed into another high-speed train in eastern China, killing at least 35 people, injuring 191 others and once again raising safety concerns about the country's fast-expanding rail network.
Doubts about China's breakneck plans to expand high-speed rail across the country have been underscored in the wake of a bullet train wreck that killed at least 36 people.
As if to drive the point home, Howle singles out the leg of the bullet train line that is generally considered the simplest, cheapest, and shortest.
Admittedly the form of that race does not look the strongest, but Bullet Train could only beat what was put in front of him and he looked as though he would just about see out a mile and a half.
TOM QUEALLY is banking on Henry Cecil's fast improving Bullet Train to fire him to Derby glory on his first attempt.