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A printing of public notices and announcements that discloses the progress of matters affecting the general public and which usually includes provisions for public comment. A summarized report of a newsworthy item for immediate release to the public. The official publication of an association, business, or institution.

See: declaration, dispatch, entry, issuance, message, notice, notification, prospectus, publicity, record, report

BULLETIN. An official account of public transactions on matters of importance. In France, it is the registry of the laws.

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Here is what is stated in the new bulletins summary: Since the last NTAS Bulletin issued in June 2016, our basic assessment of the global threat environment has not changed.
A Revenue Administrative Bulletin published by the Michigan Department of Treasury in 1995 had administratively imposed the real object test without legislative action or adherence to the State's Administrative Procedures Act.
The Combi thermoregulator that heats water to 95 [degrees] C and oil to 150 [degrees] C is featured in a two-page bulletin.
Because one-half of Tempe's residents live in rental properties, the CAU developed various online bulletins to compare apartment communities, per unit, by types of crime or calls for service.
Subscribers can receive bulletins by crime type, geography, or other categories.
AcSEC's conclusions on financial accounting and reporting matters are included in SOPs, audit and accounting guides and practice bulletins.
BBS software is designed to do most of the maintenance functions, including setting and monitoring user access requirements, purging old messages, updating file lists and bulletins, and deleting users who have not called the BBS within a specified period of time.
Bucks responded that the purpose of Bulletin 95-1 was to bring some clarity to the area.