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A printing of public notices and announcements that discloses the progress of matters affecting the general public and which usually includes provisions for public comment. A summarized report of a newsworthy item for immediate release to the public. The official publication of an association, business, or institution.

See: declaration, dispatch, entry, issuance, message, notice, notification, prospectus, publicity, record, report

BULLETIN. An official account of public transactions on matters of importance. In France, it is the registry of the laws.

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The Department of Homeland Security is today issuing a new NTAS Bulletin. Here is what is stated in the new bulletins summary: Since the last NTAS Bulletin issued in June 2016, our basic assessment of the global threat environment has not changed.
According to the (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ms14-mar) Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification (March 2014) , there will be a total of five updates released this week, two of them addressing "critical" vulnerabilities.
Le depouillement judiciaire est une operation qui consiste pour un juge a proceder au decompte des bulletins de vote pour etablir les resultats du scrutin dans une circonscription electorale.
There are earlier examples of sudden, unexplained closure of a high-priority 10-minute Kashmiri bulletin, while ever since only two Kashmiri bulletins have been spared.
A MONTHLY bulletin containing the latest information about medicines for doctors is being axed in Wales.
It wanted to cut its 17 regional news bulletins to nine, a move which unions said would lead to hundreds of job losses.
"The way I have structured it, although horseracing is the obvious subject, I have tried to make the bulletins interesting to the wider audience, and a lot of people enjoy the slot.
This fall, four new Clinical Bulletins were published.
Some bulletins do not hide the pastor's preference.
The bulletins are said to be Tiscali branded, with bespoke content and users of www.tiscali.co.uk can access entertainment, news and sports bulletins throughout the day.
Staff members say they use the instant messages for everything from daily school bulletins to letting a teacher know a student is on the way back from the office or the nurse.
This case represents the second time in two years that the Supreme Court has rejected a position taken by Treasury in a Revenue Administrative Bulletin. These Bulletins are not adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, and therefore, do not have the force of law.