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He has bullied, cajoled, threatened, coaxed, done all that a man could do.
Yes, he has been so harsh to you; but it is his nature, he is so to every one, and you are not the only one whom he has bullied.
Bird-like in her love of individual freedom, the last woman in the world to be bullied in her affections, she keenly appreciated the niceness of his attitude.
For two sticks tobacco I knock 'm seven bells outa you," the skipper bullied.
Now look here, old woman," Higginbotham bullied, "for the thousandth time I've told you to keep your nose out of the business.
Spontaneous explosion was the police explanation, and the chemists of the cartridge company were well bullied at the inquest.
The employers' unions like-wise bullied and slugged.
Debs, national leader of the American socialists at the time, the following words: "The labor leaders that cannot be bribed nor bullied, must be ambushed and murdered.
The great man bullied and insulted yet loved the little man, and the little man accepted all the insults gladly, happy to be allowed to be near his hero on any conditions whatever.
I wish you had heard how she bullied me, in this very place.
Twenty long years in that fever-ridden swamp, all day at work under the mangrove-tree, all night chained up in the filthy convict-huts, bitten by mosquitoes, racked with ague, bullied by every cursed black-faced policeman who loved to take it out of a white man.
I am bearded and bullied by a shop-boy, and she beseeches him to pity me and remember I am ill