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In addition, children should be encouraged to be kind to children who are being bullied, inviting them to sit with them on the bus or in the lunchroom and engaging them in conversations about topics that interest them.
Readers are encouraged to tell a teacher, parents, or any adult they trust about being bullied. They are also encouraged to write a letter describing the bullying and place it quietly on the teacher's desk, if they are scared to tell it in person.
I call on parents and guardians to pay attention as a child being bullied while growing up can have a lasting effect even transitioning into adulthood.
The measures must deal with both the bullied and the bully, who is likely to be suffering ndash as psychologists have pointed out ndash from certain forms of abusive behavior by someone more powerful or of higher authority.
Kids should also be encouraged to show support for those they witness being bullied. When bystanders do nothing, it may send a message to the bully that their behavior is okay.
Besides, it shatters the confidence of the bullied child, it also does psychological harm to the bully,these were the views of an academician Farkhanda Jabeen while talking to this scribe.
But are schools doing enough to spot a student that is being bullied? Can some bullying incidents go unreported to authority figures?
Findings of the study that inverse relationship between increased mindfulness and being bullied is in favour of previous findings and confirm that mindfulness has a negative association with bullying behaviours among school children9.
Although none of the characters in the novels identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ), several are bullied with negative name-calling associated with sexual orientation.
Although one in four adolescents experience bullying, (2) according to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, LGBT students are two to four times as likely to be threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, two to three times as likely not to go to school because they feel unsafe, and about two times as likely to be bullied at school, compared with their heterosexual peers.
There have been documented cases where a dental assistant bullied a hygienist (4) and where multiple workers inflicted their bullying behavior as a "clique." (5,6)
Some other researchers reported that children with HI are bullied by both hearing students and other deaf students.13,14 It is also found that more boys than girls are victimised.15 Some qualitative studies concluded that the students with HI are being excluded, marginalised stigmatised and are, therefore, at a greater risk of being bullied by hearing individuals.16 Some studies explored the factors and documented the reasons of bullying.17 One of the factors is that the children with HI cannot acquire adequate social skills and information as they seriously lack the experience of incidental learning.