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But now restorative approaches, where bullies meet their victims in a controlled environment and the devastating impact of their actions is much more evident, are being used very effectively.
Although bullies may appear confident they are often trying to cover up their own insecurities.
Jay McGraw's life strategies for dealing with bullies.
She says bullies will often target those seen as 'different', and disabled children can often become isolated.
We know how being victimized by bullies can do lifelong damage, and schools are working to develop comprehensive approaches.
Online bullying is dangerous because it an extension of traditional bullying that can be used by bullies 24 hours a day and has an infinite audience.
Luckily, he found the strength to confront the bullies -- with words, not fists -- and the bullying stopped.
Notably, a 2010 report for the Public Health Agency of Canada, on the Health of Canada's Young People, found approximately 40% of adolescents to be both bullies and victims of bullying.
It's inhuman and it's cruel and bullies must be brought to book.
We also aim to help to teach people how to handle bullies.
On the sidelines of an anti-bullying event organised by the Canadian University of Dubai, Khaleej Times brings you insights from the bullies and the bullied, including Jordanian national Wail Huneidi, the first man to launch an anti-bullying website in the UAE.