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In Unconditional Surrender, after his wife Virginia is killed, Guy gives a mass intention to a priest along with "a tin of bully beef and some bars of chocolate" (Trilogy 668).
Suffice it to say that this scale of rations was vastly more varied than the bully beef and dog bikkies of myth and legend.
AHOY THERE: Sailing explorer Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and chef Paul Askew serve up their bully beef as crews prepare for tomorrow's race start Pictures: EDDIE BARFORD; MY NEW HOME: Clipper crew member Sharon Chong settles in to her bunk on board the yacht
Race organiser Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and chef Paul Askew serve up spiced bully beef for crew members Picture: EDDIE BARFORD
Flagging: Bulloch had a nightmare round at Drumoig; Bully beef: Tony uses his strength to out-muscle towering Celtic star Bobo Balde to punch clear; Weight for it: Tony works out on a rowing machine in the gym
The 24 men will sleep in mud-filled dug-outs and eat bully beef and oatmeal biscuits - the soldiers' staple diet in the 1914-18 war.
For example, the British expressions of "plonk" and "bully beef" came from the rations of the 1914-1918 period.
Other rations included bully beef and even Marmite.
THE TRENCH In the dark and gloom of my trench There's a rotten, stinking stench, It's a very horrid smell That makes you feel unwell It clings to you all day And doesn't seem to go away, It's the smell of the men who are dead With all their blood that is shed We wait all day for the attack In trenches covered with rats, We fight against the Hun But never give up and run, We keep our spirits high Because we don't want to say goodbye The food is awfully bland And there is never enough to share around, I would love something nice to eat Instead of daily bully beef This could be the last time I write As my future may not be as bright, This could be my final day But I know it will pay.
There's a Bully Beef of a mixed grill to give your cardiologist palpitations and a hugely naff, therefore hugely desirable, James Hunt-esque Surf & Turf of sirloin steak, king prawns, scallops and garlic butter.