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By the time the bump on my forehead had swelled as big as a nut, our aprons were half full, and we sat down to enjoy ourselves.
Down rushed Debby to find me dancing about the kitchen with a great bump on my forehead, a big spoon in my hand, and a pair of bright purple feet.
From the start of the upcoming season, Bump 50:50 will deliver point-of-sale software, hardware and central processing services, as well as program design and coordination, sales team training, reporting, and data analytics.
Last year, another study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that the fist bump is a healthier alternative to the handshake within health care settings.
Bump was responding to a lawsuit filed earlier Wednesday by former First Deputy Auditor Laura Marlin in U.
Bump created the buzz for allowing smartphones to transfer data by tapping them together, a feature that became a signature feature in Samsung's Galaxy S3, competing the iPhone and pushing Apple to launch a similar feature.
This bump is dangerous and causes too many accidents as drivers coming both ways veer into traffic to avoid the bump.
Of those, 54 were speed bump positive and 34 had acute appendicitis.
Patients were classed as "speed bump positive" if their pain worsened while travelling over speed bumps or "speed bump negative" if they did not.
and in a moment I heard Winnie-the-Pooh - bump, bump, bump - going up the stairs behind him.
The same applies from Skelton to Nunthorpe and Middlesbrough Golf Club - not a speed bump to be seen, only a "light up" speed sign going out of Nunthorpe.
The bump locations need to be entered into the design.