bump against

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I heard it go into the pantry, and the biscuit-tins rattled and a bottle smashed, and then came a heavy bump against the cellar door.
And even though we became good a picking up food, see how we bump against clouds and things if he is not near to give us a hand.
The shavings flew right and left; till at last the plane-iron came bump against an indestructible knot.
Imagine what would happen if an object were to bump against the valve handle.
He may not have been anywhere near his best against South Africa, after picking up a bump against New Zealand, but he has the handling skills of a back and he was to the fore in his previous two outings.
when empty, light enough to carry easily but heavy enough to not tip over when you bump against it.
However, sometimes when they bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment," the aquarium's public relations manager Oh Tae-youp said, the (http://www.
Lately the Establishment has been regaling us with views, statements, opinions and outpourings that bump against one another in a carnival of conflict themes, slants and directions.
Snoring occurs when these structures vibrate and bump against one another.
We came across a little bump against Lithuania and we want to get back to winning ways.
It had looked like United would be brought down to earth with a bump against Quique Sanchez Flores' impressive Watford outfit, only for captain Mata's strike to secure a 1-0 win.
Teddy doesn't seem interested in playing at the moment and when encouraged he will just bump against you asking for fuss.