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Her mother, Tracy, is no stranger to violent crime, but would her daughter really want to bump off Ken?
I would be no use to you dead, would I?" The Irish Mirror yesterday revealed balaclava-clad Tommy could be set to try and bump off Nidge in revenge for putting him in a coma.
This year the EastEnders team have finally realised no one wants a sidehelping of misery with their turkey, and decided to bump off a thoroughly rotten character no-one gives a stuff about - Archie Mitchell.
Enter their rich uncle, who is under investigation but says he'll help them out if they bump off the guy who is going to testify against him.
SCHEMING Tracy Barlow's plot to bump off love-rat boyfriend Charlie Stubbs hots up when the Corrie superbitch deliberately burns herself with a scorching iron.
Yes Den number one will soon be back in Walford, after son Dennis and Phil Mitchell decide to bump off gangland boss Jack Dalton.