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Their list of calamities is endless, from David trying to bump off his own mum, he and Kylie attempting to rip off his gran Audrey, to Gail being left destitute by gigolo Lewis, as well as betraying her own mother by falling for the cad's seductive charms in the first place.
In the Channel 4 six- part series Mike will be seen doubling up as a hit man to bump off his victims in violent gangland squabbles.
99) - More outdated, macho nonsense about CIA operative Jack Ryan stumbling upon a Soviet plot to bump off the Pope and destabilise the Western World.
He got the trip all right and just got a bump off the third horse as he was coming through, otherwise he would have finished a bit closer
The surgeon broke my nose, shaved the bump off, narrowed the bridge, made the end smaller and adjusted my nostrils.
He decides to bump off his missus after "practising" on his mistress Millie - actress Lisa Kay.