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Spooks Monday, BBC1, 9pm The British answer to 24 is back for a new run, and, as ever, there's always somebody being bumped off. It starts with the funeral of Ros Myers (previously played by Hermione Norris) who was killed in an explosion while trying to save the British Home Secretary.
In other words, you can actually get bumped off your scheduled flight without your permission because the seats have been overbooked.
If you use the wrap-around technique merchandize the area with smaller products that won't took crowded or get bumped off, and make sure the wrap around doesn't interfere with traffic.
Kasabian - Serge Pizzorno, Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - won best live act at the NME Awards and their hit West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum has just been bumped off the top of the album charts by Michael Jackson's Number Ones.
As of this week, overweight United Airlines passengers will have to stump up the cash for two adjacent seats if they are bumped off a plane for not fitting in their allotted space.
Or you have been bumped off a flight for which you had a confirmed reservation.
Normally we would worry about racing's image in instances like this, and it has to be said that future syndicate owners may be concerned at the way the Midsomer Four were bumped off one by one.
Claims by Diana, Princess of Wales, that she believed one of her alleged lovers was "bumped off" were rubbished today by a former bodyguard.
The law will require all airlines - including charter airlines - flying to and from EU airports to pay EUR600 to passengers bumped off long-haul flights, EUR400 for medium-length flights and EUR250 for short hops.
Serious talk often gets bumped off the airwaves entirely.
Not only that -- I need to be able to maintain the connection and not get bumped off by other users of one of those antennas.