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In the women's group, the Filipina, British, Australia, South African and Canadian bumped off the American, Dutch, French, Swedish and Italian.
He was smalltime criminal till he bumped off rival, Bala Zalte, and got noticed by big players in the underworld.
But can it just be coincidence that the second Michael Moon is bumped off, it's suddenly perked up again?
Sydney, Apr 9 ( ANI ): An Australian university took out his frustrations on Tiger Airways after being bumped off the flight through social networking giant Facebook.
When Taylor's paratrooper friend Sutton (Ralph Brown) washes up in Galway, too, our hero attempts to solve the case before anyone else is bumped off.
Without fail they leak that one or more of their characters is going to be bumped off.
Spooks Monday, BBC1, 9pm The British answer to 24 is back for a new run, and, as ever, there's always somebody being bumped off.
In other words, you can actually get bumped off your scheduled flight without your permission because the seats have been overbooked.
Kasabian - Serge Pizzorno, Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - won best live act at the NME Awards and their hit West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum has just been bumped off the top of the album charts by Michael Jackson's Number Ones.
As of this week, overweight United Airlines passengers will have to stump up the cash for two adjacent seats if they are bumped off a plane for not fitting in their allotted space.
However, the biggest challenge came on arrival back at Nairobi Airport to be told they had been bumped off the flight due to a smaller aircraft being used the night before, and there were no alternatives for two days.