bumper crop

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Just the same they got bumper crops, an' father's house-patch of tomatoes was eaten by the black beetles.
It used to be that every three to five years we would have a bumper crop but in the last five or six years every year has been a bumper crop, and better than the previous year.
Staff are celebrating a bumper crop of new qualifications at a day centre run by St John Ambulance in Northumbria.
First came near-record rains last year and a bumper crop of hay fever-producing seeds.
The quality of the wine depends on just the right amount of acidity and Peter Andrews at Llanerch Vineyard in Hensol, the Vale of Glamorgan, is keeping a close eye on his bumper crop.
All those avian visitors may explain the bumper crop of juniper seedlings in mistletoe-rich patches, suggest van Ommeren and Whitham.
There's also a bumper crop of comedy to choose from, including Harry Enfield and Chums (BBC Worldwide, pounds 12.
At times like this when it sprinkles outside, you can expect a bumper crop of mildew within a few days," warns Eric von Knipe, CEO of MoldWash USA.
He said that Pakistan had recorded a bumper crop of 14.
DESPITE the gloomy Bank Holiday, there has been enough fine weather to promise a bumper crop of summer berries.
Excellent breeding conditions and ideal wetlands habitat produced a bumper crop of puddle ducks that are already starting to arrive at state wildlife refuges and duck clubs in Southern California.
The damp weather has produced a bumper crop of fungi in the region, according to the Forestry Commission.