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SJSemi started mass production of both 28nm and 14nm wafer bumping in 2016, and now ships over 10,000 per month of 12-inch wafers.
Bumping is a technique that requires no special skill; a thief can learn and use the technique in mere moments.
Abstract: Ball bumping can provide advantages over plated-up bumps for several reasons: ball bumps can be more cost effective; they can support multiple substrate attach technologies; single pass ball bump shapes are available without the planarization requirement; and ball bumping offers a technique for manufacturing unique thin flat pancake shaped bumps and other shapes.
Because of speeds and tighter courses, bumping is a necessary evil at races on shorter tracks like Bristol, Tenn.
The solder bumping process is accomplished in a foundry-like processing facility.
This order is further confirmation that the world's bumping industry leaders recognize August Technology and the NSX Series as market leaders in bump inspection," said Dan Nelson, NSX product manager.
QuickLook simplifies the development and management of wafer bumping processes by facilitating comparisons of bump height, position, area, roundness and volume within and among die, wafers and lots.
Bumpelina practiced the bumping noises she would make tomorrow.
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Unisem Advanced Technologies (UAT) announced today that it is expanding wafer bumping capacity in its factory in Ipoh, Malaysia.
Chipmore chose the Sigma fxP PVD solution for their new copper (Cu) bumping line, as it provides superior results and lowest cost of ownership over competitor systems.
Probing before bumping was found to accelerate the drift in resistance.
F]C bumping process is a totally additive technique in which wafers are coated with a dielectric passivating layer using screen printing techniques.