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This reduced by over half in the high-five, and germ transfer was a 90% lower when bumping fists.
According to scientists at Aberystwyth University, bumping "sts is better than the more traditional handshake because it reduces the spread of bugs.
On the other hand, 23% of all the cell phone owners admits to bumping onto something or someone because of using their phone while walking.
The app, launched more than four years ago, allows users to share files by bumping devices together and Lieb has earlier claimed that the app was downloaded 125 million times, stuff.co.nz reports.
The device feeds the T3's sensors a known concentration of gas, a process known as 'bumping', to ensure the sensors are working correctly.
It was even recently adopted by online transaction company PayPal, enabling its users to transfer money from one person to another simply by bumping phones.
Lock bumping, a decades-old technique that has gained recent notoriety in the media, uses a specially cut key and a tool to apply a burst of force, causing the pins inside the lock cylinder to separate across the shear line just long enough to allow the cylinder to turn.
Airlines already offer compensation for "bumping" (denied boarding because of overbooking) - up to [euro]400 in the European Union, up to $400 plus overnight expenses in the United States.
"Gold Bump Technologies: A Comparison of Serial Processing (Ball Bumping) and Batch Processing (Plating)"
Zafiropoulo, Ultratech Stepper chairman and CEO, noted, "We are indeed pleased to have established a strong relationship with a company of Casio Micronics' caliber, and we believe their development efforts epitomize the growth trends in gold bumping. Rising LCD demand is accelerating the shift from 6-inch to 8-inch wafers; less than 20 percent of LCD drivers are currently manufactured on 8-inch wafers.
The solder bumping process is accomplished in a foundry-like processing facility.
QuickLook simplifies the development and management of wafer bumping processes by facilitating comparisons of bump height, position, area, roundness and volume within and among die, wafers and lots.