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She disappointed neither faction, singing ``Sooner or Later,'' ``Fire in Your Eyes,'' ``The Way of Love,'' ``Half-Breed,'' and ``It's in His Kiss'' (in whose rhythm you could recall a greater bumptious innocence than we have now) and ``Believe,'' among others.
In deference to the fact that human beings have ten fingers each, the Biennale's bumptious "Aperto" section for emerging artists (i.
While the foibles of Daniel Webster or the wit of Henry Clay even now prompt smiles, and the outrageous carryings-on of Robert Kerr and Everett Dirksen still evoke some amused recognition in those who remember those bumptious corsairs, color in Congress seems to be a thing of the past.
Gavin's verdict: Motherhood hasn't calmed her down as this bumptious and grinding dance floor filler proves.
It turned out to be a bumptious little vintage that travels rather well, especially through the alimentary canal.
The SFA really are a disgraceful, bumptious bunch of petty administrators who, if they had any decency, would be ashamed to show their faces until they have come up with answers and a new manager.
Jim Wilson's horses are in fine form, and he has his seventh success in the past six weeks when Bumptious Boy (Allen Webb) wins the handicap hurdle from Kings Victory (Mark Usher/Clive Cox).
Outside Providence: Another prep school comedy, but this one written by the bumptious Farrelly brothers (``There's Something About Mary'').
The Ramones are the latest bumptious band of degenerate no-talents whose most notable achievement to date is their ability to advance beyond the boundaries of New York City.
David Warwick plays Hawkins to perfection, a typically bumptious London copper of that period who is the eventual anvil upon which the errant elder Farrant will finally be hammered flat.
FRANCE'S bumptious President Jacques Chirac got his come-uppance in Washington last week when he demanded to be the first foreign leader to meet President-elect George W.
One presumes the bumptious Tory leader believed the chaos on the railways, the lingering disgruntlement from the fuel crisis, the rising crime in West Bromwich West, the public's incandescence over the Dome and Labour's yellow approach to Europe were sufficient reasons for the electorate to desert Labour in favour of the Conservatives.