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A rollicking farcical depiction of a bumptious 18-year-old catapulted into the world by his Ma to seek his fortune in and around Depression era San Diego this book's a grin-a-minute odyssey of mostly low-brow humour.
Some thought Gessler's tyranny was loosely based on Adolf Hitler's cruel and bumptious gauleiters.
Starting out as a docu about a literary sham before morphing into a provocative, politically incorrect item about a group of ecologists working close to the Argentina-Uruguay border, "The Great Simulator" is ultimately little more than a showcase for its bumptious helmer-star, motor-mouth Eduardo Montes-Bradley, bidding to be Argentina's Michael Moore.
Securities and Exchange Commission appear to be headed toward less bumptious and more business-friendly times with the nomination of U.
He lost to a Republican hack with the delightfully bumptious name of Truman H.
My characterization of press coverage was clearly humorous and satirical, not a literal summary, in seven words, of the oceans of blather swirling around Summers's bumptious remarks--remarks that Pinker has been frequently quoted as supporting.
Verhoest, but the entire cast, led by Christine Redpath as a Swan Queen seemingly recalling a Maryinsky past, Charles Askegard as a bumptious Lion, and Arch Higgins as an agile, long-armed Baboon.
There seems to be a lot of squabbling going on, among installers still at work, among bumptious visitors.
On the other hand, the few remarks on the nature and quality of the translations are laconic and far too general (it is also a little bumptious to call Lock's statement that she has rendered the original "so nere as I possibly might" and "in so plaine Englishe as I could expresse" her "philosophy of translation") and this is not compensated for by the nevertheless useful textual notes showing deviations from the French original.
The traffic toward the exit doors was brisk and bumptious throughout the premiere of Gerry at last year's Sundance Film Festival.
this book is a very comprehensive biography of the late Arthur Lowe, a very talented, workaholic actor who really hit the big time in the public's consciousness when he played the role of bumptious Captain George Mainwaring in the BBC TV series Dad's Army.