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In April 1942, Time magazine found his broadcasts on labor "tendentious," and "shallow in perspective" and warned that "from his treatment of isolated cases of bumptiousness in labor, listeners might easily have become inflamed against labor in general.
There seems to be no limit to the bumptiousness of Labour's local authority bunglers.
This is just another example of his conceit and bumptiousness.
Grazia is a fabulous character, who comes across as a bit of a female punk, though she needs all the bumptiousness she can get to survive the taunts and male chauvinism of her police colleagues, let alone the villains.
And the bit about "the Information Age" is a transparent attempt to appear "relevant" which can only reinforce the reputation for bumptiousness of the man who once claimed that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet.
8 "Fever" (Exit Art, New York, 1993) The first big crazy-kids-from-Williamsburg show in which good-natured bumptiousness overcame finger-pointing about the evils of socially constructed whatever.
At a personal level, Britons considered Americans "open" and "friendly" but also over-materialistic and prone to "boastfulness, bumptiousness and baloney.