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The researchers determined that the bumpy form of the virus is more efficient at infecting mammalian cells.
In a letter to planners, a Bumpy representative wrote: "The nature of the activity to be carried out on the additional piece of land is trials riding.
I have come to prefer bumpy line surfaces to the slick types.
2 : having sudden up-and-down movements <a bumpy ride>
Would water flow farther and faster down a smooth or a bumpy hill?
While Schumacher may be enjoying hope of a better result this weekend, he is finding the bumpy Interlagos track less appealing.
You only need to worry about freckles if one gets bumpy or turns into an asymmetrical, weird shape.
With handsome cinematography and an intelligent script, this debut feature by Sascha Rice follows a newly arrived lesbian couple through their bumpy initiation into the intricate sexual mores of queer San Francisco in the '90s.
Devine - Exeter's highest earner at pounds 1,800 a week - was so disturbed by the bumpy flight to Manchester before the tie that he chose a five-hour car journey home instead.
This bumpy start led some providers to suspect that school districts were avoiding implementation so they could use the set-aside Title I dollars for other purposes.
More than half are only good for a bumpy ride, and almost half have no emergency lanes.
A damaged bag won't hold air so your backside suffers big time on a bumpy road.