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During harvest, the following variables were evaluated: production per plant (kg) ; number of bunches per plant, obtained by the average count performed in two useful plants per plot; bunch mass (g), obtained by the production / number of bunches per plant ratio.
Those fiascos--on top of the loss of Citibank as a significant financial backer in 2013-- have forced Wild Bunch to sharply rein in its ambitions.
On one side, Bunch of Grapes is a popular community local which brews its own craft beer and provides an impressive range of international ales, real cider and perry and some unusual soft drinks.
Date palm bunch covers offer several advantages to protect fruits from high humidity and rain, from bird attacks and also from damage caused by insects and diseases.
Munch Bunch 30% Less Sugar joins the Munch Bunch family as one more option for parents seeking tasty dairy goodness for their children.
The Shopwise employee accosted Tapai just as he was leaving with the bunch of bananas, turning him over to the custody of the security office and then to the QCPD Cubao station.
In combination with the Bunch Bags Produce Bags it's definitely a positive impact for the environment.
Grapegrowers may limit bunch rot through their influence on any of the three components of the disease triangle.
One bunch of roses or gerberas or a mixed bunch of flowers; ribbons, holly, tinsel, berries to finish.
Bunch or the anesthesiologist had any reason whatsoever not to administer the antibiotic Ceftan, the nurse would have fulfilled her responsibility.
The marriage of Blaine Alexis Stevens and William Jeffrey Bunch was celebrated on May 15, 2010, at First Baptist Church of Clara in Waynesboro.