bunch together

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The team found that among halos with the same mass, those that formed earlier in the history of the universe bunch together more tightly than those formed later do.
If he could bang the heads of the city's present bunch together and get them to hold off on their daft congestion ideas until a national scheme comes in, who knows, Alistair might end up as everybody's darling.
It is our job to assemble the best, Irish-qualified bunch together.
But the gravity of the giant planet might bunch together several of these embryonic planets, enough to make an inwardly migrating Earth, Chambers says.
STRICKEN pilot whales bunch together yesterday, sparking fears of a mass stranding.
With repeated applications, some of the gecko tape's hairs get soggy, bunch together, and then clump onto the tape's base.
As gravity forced photons to bunch together, the photons resisted by exerting an outward pressure.
By using an atom-deposition technique called molecular-beam epitaxy and by exploiting a tendency of indium atoms to bunch together, the researchers covered an entire chip with triangular arrays of exactly six indium atoms per patch of silicon 3 nm on a side.
Soon after the birth of quantum mechanics early in this century, physicists theorized that force-carrying particles, known as bosons, tend to bunch together.
In each of the five patches of sky surveyed by the team, the distant galaxies bunch together instead of being distributed randomly in space.