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Although bunching onion is the second largest vegetable crop produced in Colombia with 17,000 hectares producing 327,000 tons, limited efforts have been made to focus on crop improvement.
Therefore, bunching onion is an important element for the region's rural development.
Given the legal threshold of $75 million, the author asks whether there is evidence of "bunching" of firms just above or below that threshold.
Key words: steelcord, reduction, geometry of die, wire, bunching process
This is the area in which you describe the sensation of socks bunching up.
As the number of electrons increases, bunching changes from an occasional occurrence to once for every fifth electron added to the group.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Set of Cable Bunching Ties for electric locomotive as per CLW Specn.No:CLW/ES/C-54.Sizes(1) 153 (L)x 3.6 mm.