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The uniforms, alternately bunchy and blousy, too taut or too billowy, would have been a hindrance.
This eroticization of the whole world is particularly noticeable in Hopkins' description of the "branchy bunchy bushybowered wood" which canopies his secluded pool.
Feelings are assessed by asking the child, "How does Bunchy feel about the parent [doing] -- ?
These characteristics are common to viral disease, such as abaca mosaic and bunchy top of abaca, with which he had some familiarity.
Not wanting his readers to be so easily taken in by Lippman and his fundamentalist precepts, however, Roth undercuts Nathan's initially heroic description of the leader by emphasizing his preposterous head of hair, which Nathan describes as "a bunchy cabbage of disarranged plumage" (128-29).
memo stated, "In view of the recent killing of BPP member Sylvester Bell, a new cartoon is being considered in hopes that it will assist in the continuance of the rift between the BPP and US " Among their crude depictions the cartoons showed US members congratulating themselves over the corpses of John Huggins and Bunchy Carter (two Panthers killed in L.
Other significant diseases which are causing economic losses for the growers include sigatoka, bunchy top, and moko (bacterial wilt).
The Sogod Bay area in Southern Leyte is home to hectares of abaca before it was wiped-out by the bunchy top virus in the early 2000s.
214 hectares) until 2009 when the bunchy top virus devastated his banana fields and made it hard for him to feed his own family.
Biohardening with Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere and Endophytic bacteria induces systemic resistance against Banana bunchy top virus.