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23 in the Blancpain Endurance series in the PRO class again," said Buncombe.
Of the 89 casepatients, 81 were residents of North Carolina; 80 reported travel to or residence in Buncombe County during the incubation period.
The proportion of women in the labor force in Buncombe and Madison counties is considerably lower than the proportion of men in the workforce (68 percent; Table 2), as it is in most jurisdictions.
In May 2010, the plaintiffs challenged defendants' use of image and correspondence files on a website launched to stop construction of a plant on a north Buncombe County tract near schools and accessible via steep, narrow roads.
The Select Committee to Investigate the Handling of the CTS Contamination Site in Buncombe issued the summons to appear for four Environmental Protection Agency employees who chairman Rep.
We examine the effect of North Carolina's Water Supply Watershed Protection Act (WSWPA) regulation on vacant land prices in Buncombe County, NC.
Students and staff of Warren Wilson College recently spent their Spring Break weatherizing five homes in Buncombe County through their INSULATE
Chris Buncombe was seventh and Christopher Zoechling eighth.
As director of technology at Buncombe County Schools in Asheville, N.
A beautiful magazine, but you need to write an article about the way developers around Asheville and Buncombe County, North Carolina, are destroying the forests.
Entrenched as a spectator in his own dream, Conrad Buncombe wars against desire again and again, amid an omnipresent atmosphere of beat-tapping and verse-crooning.
recently announced it is retrofitting 16 transit buses for the city of Asheville, NC and two track-type tractors for the Buncombe County landfill as part of a clean-diesel program in Asheville sponsored by the Diesel Technology Forum.