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Responsibility for this bungle rests with the Burnie Council and must be funded by the Council.
JIBE Osborne as Rainbow's Bungle, with Zippy and George
People who can't remember if their helicopter was shot down or not and who bungle stories don't get paid the big bucks, and they especially don't get jobs as journalists.
Paul Cullinan, who played Bungle between 1993 and 1996, had the cheering crowd on their feet as he sang Mustang Sally in the first episode of the new series.
When Bungle arrived he was very shy and would hide in his bed.
Bungle had an operation to save his leg but unfortunately the surgeon was left with no option but to amputate it.
When Sam, the middle child in the Bungle clan, decides that he can no longer stand his noisy family, there seems to be only one way to solve his problem: he has to leave them to find the peace and quiet he's been missing so badly.
00 Ascot BMW Cornwallis Stakes 5f Group 3 C4/ATR Card page 78 BUNGLE INTHEJUNGLE represents the class act in this Group 3 but has to defy a 3lb penalty for his victory at the same level in the Molecomb at Goodwood.
IS Lord Alan swings Apprentice axe as broker bungles crisp sales L pp g p L lan bungl d A a gle prentice bun p p s g n s n r ings bu w bungle ord Alan swings Apprentice axe as broke ker bungle sales crisp sales EX?
Vicky, who works at local vets Donaldson & Partners, decided to give Bungle a home after he was brought in by the RSPCA.
Over 350 million years ago, this area was a coral sea - now exposed, its most spectacular poings on the Western side include Geike Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, and in the East, the breath-taking Bungle Bungles.
It was a bit of a bungle and we're prepared to take it on the chin,' said Nick Austin, chief executive of the Surrey company.