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For instance, in "The Love Bunglers," in the midst of Maggie and Ray's interaction as adults, a two-page spread of wordless panels conveys both characters' lives from childhood on.
Ditto useless Brett's bunglers whose disgusting oil-saturated soggy vegetables resembled rotting piles of dead insects.
Now I think that I was almost totally wrong, far from being bunglers with their collective heads in the clouds, they knew exactly what they were doing and we are 'on track' for their intended destination for Cyprus.
Her NHS is far from the bureaucratic bunglers at the top.
The rescue attempt that took place this week at Elliot Lake made Canadians look like a nation of bunglers.
Meanwhile, Murray has spoken of wishing to see a fully independent players' union established to protect their interests against the bunglers.
WORLD CUP bunglers Rob Green and Matt Upson combined to send Chelsea on their way to a 3-1 victory with a moment of comedy gold at West Ham.
Let's hope the voters realise how useless they are and kick them out of Birmingham and don't accidentally set up a national coalition of these bunglers through a hung parliament.
These bureaucratic bunglers are submerged in red tape and have failed to follow proposals laid down by hospital chiefs in Glasgow, who have outlined a plan for Alex's future care.
It's getting ugly out there; the frauds, bunglers, liars, and losers who are hurting America.
Into 2008 and every military recruit for a decade has his or her details stolen in Edgbaston and yet red-faced bunglers fail to own up to this security nightmare for nearly a fortnight, presumably in the hope that a laptop might turn up.