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IS Lord Alan swings Apprentice axe as broker bungles crisp sales L pp g p L lan bungl d A a gle prentice bun p p s g n s n r ings bu w bungle ord Alan swings Apprentice axe as broke ker bungle sales crisp sales EX?
Bungles forgot to set his clock, and his desperate dash to be on time becomes increasingly surreal, as he misses the bus, catches the wrong van, and even flies on a hot air balloon.
The bungles included a poor standard of nursing care, failing to adequately explain the woman's condition and recording the wrong cause of death.
This isn't the mistake of the current administration headed by Superintendent Roy Romer, but he must be cognizant of the many terrifying shades left behind by district bungles that continue to cost the taxpayers dearly.
In Coming Of Age With Aging Parents: The Bungles, Battles, And Blessings, eldercare specialist Gail Goeller (who garnered real-world experience through tending to the needs and necessities of her own aging family of five) offers a wealth of anecdotal experience and practical advice through real-life stories that deal with everything from late-night phone calls and parental self-diagnosis, to managing angry outbursts, all manner of emergencies, care-giver burnout, and end-of-life requests.
So far Bangle's bungles have included the new 5-Series and 7-Series.
DEPUTY First Minister Michael German has been accused of making ``more bungles than a series of Rainbow'' in his handling of rural Wales.