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IS this another of Bangle's bungles? The new 6-Series may be a delight to drive but it's still got plenty of that gawky flame-surfaced styling that BMW bizarrely loves.
So far Bangle's bungles have included the new 5-Series and 7-Series.
DEPUTY First Minister Michael German has been accused of making ``more bungles than a series of Rainbow'' in his handling of rural Wales.
``The Minister for Rural Development has provided us with more bungles than a series of Rainbow.
Over 350 million years ago, this area was a coral sea - now exposed, its most spectacular poings on the Western side include Geike Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, and in the East, the breath-taking Bungle Bungles.
Offering 4 different accommodation options, from tented cabins to the internationall acclaimed Homestead, there is truly something here for everyone and this is the perfect base from which to explore the Bungle Bungles.
Bungles please." I smiled at the receptionist, who was working at a word processor.
An Executive source said: "When you put Finnie's bungles together he must be close to getting the boot.
When Sam, the middle child in the Bungle clan, decides that he can no longer stand his noisy family, there seems to be only one way to solve his problem: he has to leave them to find the peace and quiet he's been missing so badly.