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His admission that he had paid a pounds 30,000 bung to an unnamed chief scout in January - "he's a good guy, and that's a fortune to him" - shows the money that is sloshing about the game as was his revelations of previous apparent bribes.
Eriksson's comments are the latest twist in the bung scandal which has ripped apart football and prompted the Premier League to launch a full-scale enquiry.
In the BBC Panorama programme Football's Dirty Secrets, Mr Harrison was filmed suggesting it requires a close relationship with club officials if covert money is to change hands and was recorded talking about bungs to managers.
Make sure the fuel tank and bung are clean and dry before you install the bung.
Redknapp told Mr Beasley that if he reported in the paper that the manager was taking bungs he would sue him.
The Hatters and a number of their former directors were hit with charges last season after allegations of bungs were made.
Meanwhile, City of London police chiefs are investigating allegations of fraud against two football agents in a move separate to the bungs inquiry.
THE SFA will this week launch a probe into allegations of transfer bungs and racism in Scotland.
SCOTTISH soccer bosses have launched twin high-level probes into bungs and racism north of the border, writes DAVID LEGGAT.
Welsh students are being given rubber bungs to help stop them becoming a victim to drink spikers.
Colin Gordon believes the very underhand nature of bungs means the games lawmakers will never truly get to grips with the problem because they do not how it works or how widespread it is.
UEFA are advocating a life ban for anyone found guilty of taking an illegal payment from a transfer, and Coleman said: "The game is being tarred at the moment by the stigma of bungs.