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He had stretched out on his bunk to rest, lying on his side, his head on his arm.
You see I am stiff and trail-sore, and this bunk is so restful."
She glanced desperately around the cabin and at the bed unrolled on the other bunk. "Night is coming on.
Again her eyes travelled around the room, and the terror in them leaped up at sight of the other bunk.
And the woman, leaning against the bunk, raging and impotent, watched herself weighed out in yellow dust and nuggets in the scales erected on the grub-box.
She turned and tottered to the bunk, flinging herself face down upon it, sobbing: "You beasts!
And so the farrago of unrelated memories continued to rise vocal on Skipper's lips to the heave of his body and the beat of his arms, while Jerry, crouched against the side of the bunk mourned and mourned his grief and inability to be of help.
Through the dim smoke-haze the bunks looked like the sleeping dens of animals in a menagerie.
And everywhere was in evidence the economy of space--the narrow bunks, the swinging tables, the incredible lockers.
Across the channel two strong sailormen lay unconscious in their bunks where I had drunk them.
He then crept into one of the "bunks," having first placed a revolver in easy reach, according to the custom of the country.
Troop went down solemnly into the cabin, where he and the older men bunked, leaving Dan to comfort the luckless heir to thirty millions.