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He had rushed up out of the bunker, stumbling in the dark alleyway amongst a lot of bewildered men who, trod upon, asked "What's up, sir?
However, strangely abandoning the original plan, CPC later on called EoIs (Expressions of Interest) for "Operational associates of CPC in Supply of Bunkers", and required somewhat 'tailor-made' criteria, where bidders were to possess "at least one barge of 1,000 Metric Tons where 750 MT of Fuel Oil and 250 MT of Marine Diesel Oil could be loaded", "skilled crew experienced for bunker supply operations" and "possess required experience in bunker delivers through barges".
I'm talking about the York Cold War Bunker, a fascinating monument to the days of four-minute warnings and nuclear winters.
In a major move that will enhance services at the Port of Sohar, H E Maqbool Ali Sultan, Minister of Commerce and Industry and chairman of Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC) along with CEO Jan Meijer signed agreements with Shell Oman Marketing/ Shell Marine Products and a joint venture between Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMC) and Matrix Marine Holding GmbH (Matrix Marine) in January this year to set up the portAAEs first bunker operation for marine fuel.
The three-day event will examine key bunker market perspectives and industry developments around the region.
Situated downstairs on Bath Street lies Bunker - a great place to eat, drink, relax and party.
Pilots dropped several bombs on the first bunker resulting in a large secondary explosion confirming that the bunker had munitions in it.
The dogs were to re-enter an isolated Second World War bunker where six witnesses told police they were abused, less than a mile from the former children's home Haut de la Garenne where the investigation has been focused.
Nicklaus said: "We spend money every year, to try to deepen them, do different things and the bunker has ceased to become a penalty.
Finally, the 512-yard 17 for those with the fortitude and form to play the pro tees offers a relatively straight fairway, but spikes the difficulty with a creek to shoot over with the approach shot and a tricky bunker to the left of the green.
BUNKER BUSTER THE FRIENDLY NUKE WAS LAUNCHED by the Friends Committee on National Legislation recently.