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17 and the bunkers, it might play a little easier,'' he said.
Others may want the security of owning their own bunker to be used for its original purpose -many are still paranoid about the state of the world, according to Nick Cat-ford, membership secretary of Subterranea Britannica, a study group that researches the relics of the Cold War.
Alan, who was good enough to have played golf professionally, said the glass bunker was a novel experience.
Played from a raised tee, three bunkers on the left guard the green that drops away on all sides.
The MPA said 14 ships complained of being sold bunker fuel contaminated with waste oil from Singapore-based suppliers last year.
1st Class Sharon Davis, Reichle approached Chief Warrant Officer Patrick May, Captain of the Bunker, with a unique proposal: A sling load of the aircraft rep.
A big bunker in front eats up any balls that land short, and there is a bunker to the left of the green as well as a deep hollow to the right.
A comparative religion course, Bunker said, would be "just altogether a bad idea to teach Hinduism, Buddhism and voodoo and whatever else in schools.
California Plaza on neighbouring Bunker Hill is a well detailed and constructed series of landscaped spaces, amphitheatres, performance plazas and performing fountains, which intertwine cleverly around four sleek new high-rise buildings and lsozaki's Museum of Contemporary Art in a huge two-block development.
Several years ago, Bruce Bunker and Terry Michalske of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.
Pinder (1997) appraised the performance of the Singapore bunker supply industry after the government deregulated the market in 1985.