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Rhaid cyfaddef i mi chwerthin yn uchel wrth ddarllen am brofiadau Bunko fel ymgynghorydd busnes.
Although this Aoyamadai Bunko is in a community center, it was started in the home of Mrs.
Such was also the case with, for example, the baby-eating-yet-devotedly-maternal Kishibojin of Oga Mantei's The Eight Lives of Shakyamuni, a Japanese Library (Shaka hasso Yamato bunko, 1845-1871), another kusazoshi classic.
Bunko, a dice game that is more common than one would think, even if one doesn't know what it is.
We took a risk because we typically raise money through smaller events like Bunko nights and teas," explains Morgan Gerhart, guild president.
She organizes an annual Bunko game night and in 2007, more than 100 people attended the event, which raises awareness of The Fresh Air Fund's hosting program and this year, raised more than $2,000.
28) Tsuduki Michio, Sakunichi no Tsuduki desu, Shinchou bunko, Tokyo, 1987, 112-114.
The only copy known to the present author is in the Toyo Bunko Library, Tokyo, which kindly provided a photocopy.
Kanemaru-mura seishtnen bunko e no chokushi gosashitsukai ni tuite [On receiving a visit from the emperor's representative at the Kanemaru Village youth library] Toshokan zasshi, 36(6), 376-378.
William Farge's essay, "The Politics of Culture and the Art of Dissent in Early Modern Japan," explores the legacy of an important critic of the Japanese military government, Baba Bunko, who confronted the centralized power of the state apparatus by strategically maneuvering between censorship laws through the public presentations of satirical literature.
Winter Shield R9: 1 S Forbes & M Forbes 50pts; 2 J Barry & S Bunko 49.
Bunko World, a mirror universe that is opposite of ours, where the Dark and Dastardly Program Manager is the paragon of success.