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Mantais Hostel Bunkum oedd y ffaith fod yr Oriel Gelf Hunterian dafliad potel ddwr poeth i ffwrdd, ac roedd bychander hon yn rhan o''i hapel.
So, when it comes to the family transport, badge-driven buying is probably just so much bunkum.
Not all the environmental news from the show has been bunkum.
YOU MAY CONSIDER THE ANCIENT art of medical acupuncture to be bunkum, but now at least it's standardized bunkum.
But the old wives' tale that it is too cold to snow is complete bunkum.
In a column that will appear in Sunday's Times, Rich writes, ``We need honest information to help us navigate, not bunkum skewed to flatter one segment of the country, whatever that segment might be.
Although to some people this may seem like bunkum I personally do believe that you can get a very good idea of a person's character in this way and the thought of sitting down with a book filled with such quizzes was rather a pleasant one.
According to a Los Angeles Times report on Friday the State Department believes the White House's democratic-domino theory is bunkum and doubts that installing a new regime in Iraq will foster democracy in the Middle East.
After so much bunkum on shamans recently this book is an academic rescue mission.
The bizarre act went ahead at the Spiegeltent at Edinburgh's Waverley Market, after giant Irish funnyman Martin Bigpig told Shane: "Hypnosis is bunkum.
This is a process whereby an accounting firm would determine to what extent the organization had fallen prey to an epidemic of hokum, bunkum, twaddle, tish-tosh, and horse-bleep.
This new adventure sees Stephen Fry - voicing your ever-attentive narrator - and Hugh Laurie as good-guy-gone-bad Newton who's soon possessed by three evil titans intent on destroying the world of Bunkum by sapping it of all creativity.