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BUOY. A piece of wood, or an empty barrel, floating on the water, to show the place where it is shallow, to indicate the danger there is to navigation. The act of Congress, approved the 28th September, 1850, enacts, " that all buoys along the coast, in bays, harbors, sounds, or channels, shall be colored and numbered, so that passing up the coast or sound, or entering the bay, harbor or channel, red buoys with even numbers, shall be passed on the starboard hand, black buoys, with uneven numbers, on the port hand, and buoys with red and black stripes on either hand. Buoys in channel ways to be colored with alternate white and black perpendicular stripes."

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The buoy barnacle is at home in the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but is sometimes stranded in large numbers along the western coasts of Britain and Ireland after south-westerly winds," the network adds. 
The team spoke with a number of children, who all said the group that had been misusing the buoy had left the area shortly before the Brigade arrived.
As part of its introduction to the city, Green Buoy Consulting is offering discounted services to one business in each borough.
Buoy Labs produces a Wi-Fi enabled solution that tracks the amount of water used in a home, integrating smart software and hardware that can identify potential leaks and intervene to prevent them through its subscription-based app services.
Dave Cocks of Redcar RNLI confirmed the item was less exciting than a satellite: "It is the top of a South Cardinal buoy. The colour and shape is an international standard and indicates to ships that the safe water is to the south of that particular buoy.
The news report also said that a third tsunami buoy installed near Sipadan Island in Sabah was no longer in use after it exploded while maintenance work was being carried out.
"We started Buoy to stop the spiral that consumers currently face when they attempt to look up and analyze their symptoms online," said Dr.
Durrant added that even bigger waves topping 25 metres were probably whipped up by the storm, which tracked east through the area on Tuesday, but the buoy was not in the best place to record them.
"We were fascinated to see how far the buoy has travelled.
The buoy (12 meters in diameter) was installed 3km offshore which is the link between the subsea manifold connected to the submarine pipelines and the crude oil tankers.
The wave transmission is also tested to check whether the buoy motion affects the intrinsic performance of the breakwater.
The black dog got his chest harness and collar stuck on the buoy and was unable to free himself.