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Finance, mining, manufacturing and transport are all buoyant while hotels, retail, construction and agriculture are sluggish.
Mortgage lending was also expected to be more buoyant than it had forecast, with lenders advancing a total of pounds 310 billion during 2006, nine per cent more than previously thought.
However, a look at the big picture shows that public sector recruitment remains buoyant.
He would rise sharply into a fifth sous-sus to explode into a buoyant jump, peppered with the gigue, czardas, or mazurka of his beloved character dance.
As we continue to make measured investments in all areas of our buoyant business and in particular, in research and development, we believe that Cranbury is not only a convenient location with respect to our Edison facility, but it also is in the epicenter of the resource-rich environment of pharmaceutical talent, which will undoubtedly help us in our recruiting efforts.
BOI Chief Economist Dan McLaughlin says the Irish property market will remain buoyant, with yet another year of record supply.
The sun's surface is covered with granules--hot, buoyant bubbles of gas that carry heat from the solar interior to the surface.
The group's seven Tiger Tiger outlets traded at levels similar to last year while the London sites enjoyed particularly buoyant demand over the festive period, Urbium said.
AEL 2-330013101 was recently updated to reflect the addition of the new Sterns MK 1 float coat and the new Sterns inherently buoyant life preserver.
SUGAR and starch group Tate & Lyle treated the City to a sweet update yesterday as it predicted a buoyant end to the first half year.