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A system called Hydro-Flow applies a combination of air and water injection, which physically and buoyantly supports heavier loads, more evenly distributing food products in cookers and coolers.
"If I was from the U.S., I'd vote for Obama," Chavez said buoyantly on state television just a week before he won his third six-year term two weeks ago, potentially extending his tenure to two decades, the report said.
European market grew buoyantly after a successful auction in Spain yesterday.
The second-act tussles between Barrie and the amusingly ungovernable Hook lead to the buoyantly staged "The Pirate Inside," which in turn energizes both Barrie and the narrative, which moves though Barrie's success with Peter Pan to a real-life tragedy the show seems initially scared to address.
He spoke buoyantly of the 'real' start of peace between the two countries and a new era of cooperation and mutual benefit, pipeline-mediated and along a 'soft border' blocked to weapons and ammunition and open to the movement of people and goods.
I chose some beautiful pale lavender variations of this material, and we were delighted and relieved when Miss Gish buoyantly donned the costume that Ray and Sally Ann had created from my still determinedly dark sketches.
Ogan and James, both from Birmingham had looked jaded during an attritional final rubber against Kent the previous day but bounced back buoyantly and after squeaking through a tight three-setter against the Yorkshire seconds 6-4 in the decider, it was business as usual as they won the others in straight sets.
But no one should believe that if Greece and Spain abandon the euro, their economies will float buoyantly upward without wrenching interim misery.
Deeply critical of Obama's failings yet mindful of his successes, she presents a bracingly sensible, buoyantly bemused response to a Democratic presidency that (as ever) most on the left find disappointing yet know they'll be voting to re-elect anyway.
The occasional classic tune is mixed amid the rousing original ditties offering wryly humorous lyrics and buoyantly dynamic rhythms, resulting in a music album that is first and foremost about fun.
Bloom writes: "In Memoriam is so troubled by the materialistic metaphysical implications of Victorian geology because Tennyson's imagination responded naturally and even buoyantly to speculations which his moral intellect could not tolerate." Surely Victoria's favorite poet belongs to our age too.
Melville's story is filled with native girls bathing 'in natural swimming-pools, springing buoyantly into the air, [and revealing their naked forms to the waist] ...