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BUOY. A piece of wood, or an empty barrel, floating on the water, to show the place where it is shallow, to indicate the danger there is to navigation. The act of Congress, approved the 28th September, 1850, enacts, " that all buoys along the coast, in bays, harbors, sounds, or channels, shall be colored and numbered, so that passing up the coast or sound, or entering the bay, harbor or channel, red buoys with even numbers, shall be passed on the starboard hand, black buoys, with uneven numbers, on the port hand, and buoys with red and black stripes on either hand. Buoys in channel ways to be colored with alternate white and black perpendicular stripes."

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Summary: Gold pulled back from a near seven-month high on Monday, but a recent spate of stimulus measures from central banks that has buoyed bullion is expected to continue supporting prices.
The ability of buoyed observatories to make long-term measurements of ongoing processes anywhere in the world's oceans also gives them the potential to play an important role in other oceanographic and climatic studies.
It's one," he said, "being buoyed by very attractive stock market.