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BUOY. A piece of wood, or an empty barrel, floating on the water, to show the place where it is shallow, to indicate the danger there is to navigation. The act of Congress, approved the 28th September, 1850, enacts, " that all buoys along the coast, in bays, harbors, sounds, or channels, shall be colored and numbered, so that passing up the coast or sound, or entering the bay, harbor or channel, red buoys with even numbers, shall be passed on the starboard hand, black buoys, with uneven numbers, on the port hand, and buoys with red and black stripes on either hand. Buoys in channel ways to be colored with alternate white and black perpendicular stripes."

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Buoy and boat at once began to draw together, and the fishermen to cry out, as they were jerked after us.
The end of the rope was carefully lashed to it; and, left solely to the rise and fall of the billows, the buoy would not sensibly deviate from the spot.
He fastened the straps for her, then, with the pistol belt, buckled himself across one shoulder to the outside of the buoy.
For half an hour they maintained silence, Duncan, his head resting on the arm that was on the buoy, seemed asleep.
Every mid-October in our region, commercial stone crab fishermen set their traps in anticipation of harvesting these tasty crustaceans and in as a result, the nomadic tripletail now has miles of crab trap buoys to relate to.
The Irish National Weather Buoy Network Comprises 5 Offshore Buoys That Gather Real-Time Weather And Oceanographic Data From Around The Irish Coast.
Almost all of the buoys around Middlesbrough's Hudson Quay, near the Riverside Stadium, were tampered with on Sunday, with several thrown into the water.
The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will mark the border zone area of the Estonian-Russian border on the Narva Reservoir with approximately 40 new spar buoys this summer.
Researchers recently got a new look at these gyres thanks to a visualization that combined 35 years' worth of data on another thing humans drop into the oceans: scientific buoys.
None of Indonesia's 22 tsunami warning buoys, installed in 2004 after over 150,000 people were killed by a massive tsunami triggered by a 9.
The military denied reports that a large steel marker with Chinese inscriptions and hundreds of yellow buoys were found in waters near Recto (Reed) Bank in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).
A spokesman said: "Due to the high winds last week, one of our buoys from the River Mersey did become detached and washed ashore at Formby.