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He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil.
It was not poverty which had broken her spirit; it was not a want of courage which rendered her poverty burdensome. Mercedes, although deposed from the exalted position she had occupied, lost in the sphere she had now chosen, like a person passing from a room splendidly lighted into utter darkness, appeared like a queen, fallen from her palace to a hovel, and who, reduced to strict necessity, could neither become reconciled to the earthen vessels she was herself forced to place upon the table, nor to the humble pallet which had become her bed.
"Because I was poor, and burdensome, and she disliked me."
He looked at Sonia and felt how great was her love for him, and strange to say he felt it suddenly burdensome and painful to be so loved.
They had that burdensome heritage of foreign reminiscence with which so many Americans were saddled; but they carried it more easily than most of their country-people, and one knew they had lived in Europe only by their present exultation, never in the least by their regrets.
Contract award notice: Manufacture, Supply and installation of interior accessories for an extension in zd radovljica, Environmentally less burdensome goods (slovenia-kranj: Furniture)
LAHORE -- Once again the fear of strong public reaction has stopped the Punjab government from increasing the fare of metro bus service in Lahore and Rawalpindi which, insiders say, is proving burdensome because of the huge funds required annually to provide the subsidized service.
Global Banking News-May 10, 2018--UK brokers say new regulations are burdensome
State-by-state licensing rules can be especially costly and burdensome to dental hygienists who seek to move to another state and practice across state lines.
Don't like some of those "unnecessary or burdensome" FCC rules?
The Affordable Care Act, a sweeping law full of crushing regulations and burdensome mandates, has accomplished exactly the opposite of what President Obama naively promised while shattering the confidence of millions Americans in the process, writes U.S.
According to a news release from Burr's office, the FDA Device Accountability Act (The Device Act) seeks a more consistent and meaningful application of the "least burdensome" principles specified in the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 (FDAMA), enabling device manufacturers to bring their innovative and life-saving products to patients more quickly.