burdensome requirement

See: burden, onus
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But this turned out to be a burdensome requirement for all but the most committed environmentalists," Jamila Hakam, a Muscat-based environment researcher,said.
His legislation to revamp the agency has been mired in a House committee since it was introduced in February, even though it has 128 co-sponsors and common sense reforms such as ending the burdensome requirement that the Postal Service "prefund" 75 years' worth of future retirees' health care benefits.
Professional indemnity insurance for health practitioners is an important and often burdensome requirement.
In a statement, the governor's office did not directly address the criticisms, but did say the law will speed up response times for most requests by dropping a burdensome requirement established in 2009 that the attorney general's office advise local governments whether their planned denials on certain exemptions were proper, the SunTimes said.
Interpretation 101-3 is not simply another burdensome requirement for small practitioners.
It also allows specialists within the company to concentrate on their strengths, rather than perform tasks outside their realm of expertise, a burdensome requirement which Alba equated with throwing a wrench into what would otherwise be a well-functioning machine.
CAP maintains that the latest proposal retains a burdensome requirement that laboratories enter into costly "business associate" agreements with private accrediting organizations.
The most burdensome requirement was the Working Time Regulations, 1999, costing pounds 17.
The IRS has imposed this burdensome requirement because of the recapture rules.
The most administratively burdensome requirement is the notice to participants and beneficiaries, who must be provided information regarding the amount of excess pension assets, the portion to be transferred, the amount of health benefit liabilities, and the amount of the participant's pension benefits that will be nonforfeitable immediately after the transfer.