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Did only phonies like George or exotic foreigners like Joseph care about the issue, or is Hansberry's point that any American would take the bomb seriously, were she not so burdensomely distracted by the host of more urgent problems (cramped living quarters, unwanted pregnancy, thwarted dreams) facing Ruth and her family?
Emma Lavinia Gifford, Hardy's first wife, comes in for special rebuke: she is repeatedly impugned for being burdensomely lame, barren, and inconsequential, and is censured for inhibiting Hardy's artistic expression.
"It's not burdensomely expensive," says Ken Herrin, a woodworker before he and his wife - who had experience as an office manager at various businesses - took a collective deep breath and dived into the retail world with Letterhead 4 1/2 years ago.
(4.) Rennet, associating the white elephant with the burden of the unwanted child Jig is carrying, notes that it is "something she cannot just throw away but for which, in her present circumstances, she has no use; something that is awkwardly, burdensomely, in the way" (29).