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A system of administration wherein there is a specialization of functions, objective qualifications for office, action according to the adherence to fixed rules, and a hierarchy of authority and delegated power.

Organizations such as the armed forces or administrative agencies are common examples of bureaucracies.


noun administration, agency, delegated authority, departmentalization, governance, government, government by bureaus, government office, governmental procedure, governmental system for decisionnaking, inflexible routine, management, ministration, official procedure, officialdom, officiation, organization, powers that be, process of governing, red tape, regulation, reins of govvrnment, rigid routine, rule, service, sovereignty, state manngement, strict procedure, system
See also: hierarchy, management

BUREAUCRACY. The abuse of official influence in the affairs of government; corruption. This word has lately been adopted to signify that those persons who are employed in bureaus abuse their authority by intrigue to promote their own benefit, or that of friends, rather than the public good. The word is derived from the French.

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What we really are, is an overhead cost (both in time and money), an addition to the already overwhelming bureaucracy of monitoring.
The research found that 36% of heads found the new arrangements had "added unnecessary bureaucracy to the process of external accountability", while 57% said the initiative had led to "a lot more meetings and paperwork".
The case against bureaucracy was already being made by Leftist organizations like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS, the vanguard of the New Left), whose 1962 Port Huron Statement is a broad humanist argument against organizational life.
It is recalled that the matter of arrest of former DG LDA Ahad Cheema had taken a serious turn and following it Lahore secretariat officers have stopped their work and a consultation was in progress amongst the bureaucracy of Punjab.
Meanwhile, opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed has called Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's parliamentary party meeting on Monday (today) to discuss the strike by the civil bureaucracy in the province.
It also shows that the Punjab chief minister is trying to influence investigation against Cheema through bureaucracy ,' he added.
Godfather Shehbaz Sharif and his 'scion' Fawad Hassan has netted bureaucracy with their lackeys and crippled the whole system,' claimed Imran.
Entering into a PPP with a PSP is one way by which an IA, which is still part of the bureaucracy, exercises flexibility and assumes an external focus.
The organisational and institutional analysis of Pakistan's civil bureaucracy illustrates that it is a poor materialisation of the classical model of bureaucracy mainly because this system of administration was inherited from the epoch of colonial rule and as such it was never a manifestation of the theory of bureaucracy in the first place.
GILGIT -- Parliamentary Secretary for Health Gilgit Biltistan Barkat Jamil has said that there was no tussle between the GB govt and the bureaucracy as the affairs of the government were being run in smooth manner.
The AJK President appreciated the performance of Kashmir Institute of Management and said that it is best Institution of Azad Kashmir which is excellently performing in Pakistan among the same other Institutions saying capable and energetic bureaucracy is vital for implementation of public policy and deliverance of good governance.
Social scientists who are part of a transatlantic network researching the street-level bureaucracy in the delivery of social services present findings of their work alone and in collaboration with each other.