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Another elite bureaucrat at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will quit Friday to join Suzuki Motor Corp.
I like to have time to think before responding to foreigners, and I want my bureaucrats to feel they are needed.
I've never been accused of sounding like a bureaucrat," O'Leary says during an interview in her seventh-floor offices in Washington's Forrestal Building, situated on the Mall with the obligatory view of the Capitol.
I suggest Roedad Khan that at the age of 100, he should leave his personal ill-will against Z A Bhutto and instead he should write honestly what the bureaucrats had played role in separating Eastern Wing including role of himself and ex-President Ishaq Khan, for the information of our & future generations
The idea was sketched out at length in a 2004 report by UN bureaucrat Andrew Mold entitled "A proposal for unitary taxes on the profits of transnational corporations.
His importance for the prime minister was summed up by a senior bureaucrat thus: "He is likely to be to Modi, what Brajesh Mishra was to Vajpayee.
A TOP bureaucrat in the Union home ministry and a joint director in CBI are under the scanner for allegedly trying to stall the arrest of former Congress minister Matang Sinh in the Saradha scam, a few days ago.
One of our employees read through every page and he's been acting odd ever since,'' a bureaucrat told me.
She "interviewed the senior-level government bureaucrat who is credited with the idea of MS, and a feminist academic whose help the government bureaucrat enlisted to formulate the MS program" (p.
The perceptions of bureaucrats and ministers indicate that loyalty to political establishment is now regarded a crucial requirement in a bureaucrat.
Summary: There's the old joke about the bureaucrat from our part of the world and a bureaucrat from a Western country, who meet at a conference, form a friendship and visit each other's homes over the coming years.
In the land of the free, during the war to preserve a government "of the people, by the people and for the people," an unelected bureaucrat boasted of his power to arrest anyone, anywhere, anytime.