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The republic took the state from the sultan and handed it over to the bureaucratic center in the form of the cult of personality.
But with bureaucratic problems plaguing the counter- terrorism project, only seven are left behind.
Corporate set of rules and regulations such as code of conduct and corporate governance policy override the organization and each and every staff member has to follow these set of rule to the t in order to satisfy the bureaucratic aim and expectations.
The Significance of Bureaucratic Administration to Modern Governance
The Bureaucratic Dimension in the Policymaking Process
Economists have made a substantial contribution to the analysis and understanding of bureaucratic organizational systems by creating soundly based theoretical models (Tullock, 1965; Mises, 1983 [1969, 1944]; Breton and Wintrobe, 1986 [1982]; Downs, 1994 [1966]; Niskanen, 1994 [1971]).
He said Turkish businessmen were troubled with obstacles posed by too much bureaucratic procedures, urging Kazakhstan to remove bureaucratic obstacles.
The restrictions and demands placed upon us by the bureaucratic monster in Brussels are intolerable.
Optimal Bureaucratic Insulation at the Policymaking Stage 2.
As We Know It: Making Public Policy Work is a nonpartisan examination of the failings of bureaucratic government models with newer, leaner, and more creative approaches in keeping with the fast-paced and ever-changing information age.
What we are witnessing, as Finucane suggests, is society's legal and medical values approving of an individual's autonomy being superceded by bureaucratic ritualism.