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There, water is relatively plentiful, but disposal of wastewater has been bureaucratically difficult and expensive, while the sites that can collect it are scarce.
Why expand the bureaucratically encrusted waste and corruption-ridden Medicaid model that is bankrupting government when freedom works so much better?
Countries that have a radicalisation problem previously had to rely on ad hoc support from wealthier donor nations, many of which are not bureaucratically capable of sponsoring the small intervention programs necessary to disrupt the radicalisation process," William McCants, a former State Department counter-terrorism official who is now a fellow at the Brookings Institution, told the New York Times.
It was bureaucratically difficult for SMEs to supply the city council before and now we are making it harder.
Conservation-minded, economically profitable and bureaucratically savvy.
In his view, the Payner case was an an opportunity to re-evaluate "the misguided philosophy of EU subsidies", which redistributes taxpayers' money to bureaucratically selected projects and priorities.
RADIO TLD experience that is professional, reliable and all-inclusive; with a deep history of encouraging innovation and openness in the domain space, not bureaucratically backwards.
And while the whistleblower will undoubtedly be bureaucratically drawn and quartered, the onus of proof will now rest with the 'wronged party.
Many smaller banks have recruited refugees from large banks who have weathered the perils of acquisition, mergers, bureaucratically numbing processes and rampant downsizing.
2) Therefore, day-one disaster support by title 10 reservists is neither bureaucratically practical nor planned for.
He traces how the social and political controversy over drinking was solved bureaucratically as government agencies gradually licensed establishments to serve and sell alcohol.
Bureaucratically, NDs have been compromised in Alaska because our regulators at the Division of Occupational Licensing don't really understand what we do.