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He notes the many analyses of Indian railway performance and impact which rely on that remarkable mass of bureaucratically generated data.
Local government all over the country is politically and bureaucratically bloated and Birmingham is no exception.
Yet, when Utley speaks of the Chiricahua (as do all writers to date), he speaks of the independent bands as unjustly imprisoned by the US government: as a bureaucratically consolidated "Chiricahua" mass, regardless of their personal antipathy to, political autonomy from, and even military scout service against Geronimo.
Someone with the typical German bent of being bureaucratically perfect, even in recreation, could be mistaken for OCD in the USA.
Instead, they speak bureaucratically, tend to sport military uniforms and medals, and inhabit high-tech government facilities.
Beytullah Eunce said the Turkish education system is bureaucratically controlled from one center and shaped by political and economic concerns.
We do not need a temporary, bureaucratically weighty solution like this," he argued: the temporary suspension of the ETS in aviation, valid until April 2014, should be extended until 2020.
There, water is relatively plentiful, but disposal of wastewater has been bureaucratically difficult and expensive, while the sites that can collect it are scarce.
Why expand the bureaucratically encrusted waste and corruption-ridden Medicaid model that is bankrupting government when freedom works so much better?
Countries that have a radicalisation problem previously had to rely on ad hoc support from wealthier donor nations, many of which are not bureaucratically capable of sponsoring the small intervention programs necessary to disrupt the radicalisation process," William McCants, a former State Department counter-terrorism official who is now a fellow at the Brookings Institution, told the New York Times.
Since colonial days, local residents gather as a legislative body, approving local operating budgets and passing town ordinances in a more informal manner than is seen in other more bureaucratically oriented parts of the country.
It was bureaucratically difficult for SMEs to supply the city council before and now we are making it harder.