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Since it is unrealistic to resolve all those long-term accumulated problems of the Party's divorce from the masses with a year-long educational campaign, the CPC Central Committee decided to focus on solving problems relating to the four forms of decadence (i.e, formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance), because they are the problems people hate the most.
Despite the overall good relationship between the Party and the people, Xi reminded party members of mounting hazards they face, namely laxity, mediocrity, distancing themselves from the people and corruption, which can be concluded as "four forms of decadence": formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance.
For example, immediately after the war, the editorial offices of central newspapers such as Izvestiia and Pravda received many letters from demobilized veterans who complained that bureaucratism worsened their housing problems.
The issue of the appropriate mission of fiscal functions among the levels of administration--or the optimal sum of bureaucratism or de-bureaucratism--has long been debated by economists.
At several meetings of CCP leaders, he urged his colleagues to embrace criticism from outside the party and named bureaucratism, sectarianism and subjectivism in the government as the targets.
Reflecting upon the 'problem' of the peasantry and warning of the corrupting influence of 'bureaucratism' within the Party, The New Course gave voice to Trotsky's fears for the future of the 'proletarian revolution' in Russia.
Bureaucratism is a social phenomenon in that it is a definite system of administration of people and things ...
The picture is ecological not because it features nature, although it often does, but because it challenges the egotistic penchant of globalism, corporatism, bureaucratism, and whatever institutions, reflexes, and practices threaten to serialize and coopt cultural-aesthetic expression.
To attract more FDI, the author concludes, Africa needs comprehensive social reform and reduction of bureaucratism. In this process, partnerships with international donor communities, such as The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), might play a crucial role.
Not every essay deals with Jewish issues, but in "Why I would prefer not to be a Jew--and if I must, then rather not in Germany," Broder excoriates the German mentality of bureaucratism which masks a more latent antisemitism, in his opinion, and the failure of the Jewish community's leadership to oppose it.
In this view Watarai echoes contemporary Mitsubishi Industries director Shoda Heigoro, who saw nationalisation as part of a pernicious trend of industrial bureaucratism (kangyoshugi).
In particular, the Three-Anti campaign in 1951 to combat corruption, waste, and bureaucratism, and the Five-Anti campaign in 1952 against bribery, tax evasion, fraud, theft of government property, and leakage of state economic secrets gave rise to a nationwide attack against all the churches.