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of Our fully managed building will meet the burgeoning demand for quality accommodation.
Electronic Book Survey: US Consumers' Attitudes and Behaviors Towards the Burgeoning E-Book Market, which covers the US market for e-books with results from a US consumer survey, includes: examination of consumer attitudes towards e-books; preferences of current and potential users; data on how much consumers are willing to spend on e-book devices; and habits of current e-book users including monthly spending estimates.
BURGEONING TALENT: Badminton coaches Graham Howe and his wife Linda (right) continue to nurture junior badminton players at their new Pennine Junior Badminton Club, based in Milnsbridge (AC021208Bbadm-01)
This is a time for stability after three years of upheaval and I'll be concentrating on maintaining our burgeoning reputation.
Although the urgency of Tom's midlife crisis is no match for that of the burgeoning AIDS crisis, What I Did Wrong invites a new generation of gay readers to discover one of our smartest writers.
A question-and-answer section at the end effectively summarizes and delivers radical insights into a burgeoning new field.
I do agree with some of his comments that America should not take too much public credit for the burgeoning democracies in the Middle East.
Data storage has a long and wonderful history filled with tremendous innovations that have kept up with and enabled the burgeoning information age.
Emerge 7560 has an MFR of 22 and is tailored for the burgeoning flat-panel and large-screen market, where long flow paths are required.
Gribbin carefully illustrates how each such accomplishment, rather than being an isolated advance, has been part of a burgeoning scientific revolution that continues today.
Martin attempts to situate the city comedy of Jonson and Middleton within a philosophical economy characterized by the nascent skepticism of an England experiencing the decentering power of the Reformation and a burgeoning capitalism.