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Under the guide of this transcendence strategy and ambition, CDHT is willing to take a leadership role in the burgeoning technology industry, and make a great-leap-forward.
This is a time for stability after three years of upheaval and I'll be concentrating on maintaining our burgeoning reputation.
Los Angeles County residents should pressure government and industry to invest in source reduction and increased diversion rates as a means of solving Los Angeles' burgeoning solid waste problem.
I do agree with some of his comments that America should not take too much public credit for the burgeoning democracies in the Middle East.
Data storage has a long and wonderful history filled with tremendous innovations that have kept up with and enabled the burgeoning information age.
Emerge 7560 has an MFR of 22 and is tailored for the burgeoning flat-panel and large-screen market, where long flow paths are required.
Gribbin carefully illustrates how each such accomplishment, rather than being an isolated advance, has been part of a burgeoning scientific revolution that continues today.
Martin attempts to situate the city comedy of Jonson and Middleton within a philosophical economy characterized by the nascent skepticism of an England experiencing the decentering power of the Reformation and a burgeoning capitalism.
But the main reason for the financial crises is the burgeoning increase in cases taken on because of new child welfare regulations.
KDDI is out to get its share of the burgeoning market for cellphone handsets offering video.
Americans for National Parks (ANP), a new advocacy coalition of nonprofit, government and business organizations dedicated to securing needed park funding, says that "while Congress has regularly increased funding, the budget of the National Park Service (NPS) has failed to keep pace with burgeoning pressures from increased visitation, over development, motorized use, and air and water pollution.
The burgeoning rediscovery of Mel Bochner's early work--for the moment overshadowing all he's done over the past three decades--continues apace with guest curator Scott Rothkopf's survey of the artist's 1966-69 photographs and related drawings at Harvard University's Arthur M.