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The fact that Arabic-English dictionaries provide steal, rob and burglarize as equivalents to Arabic saraqa motivates learners to believe that these synonyms share the same syntax and semantics.
A 23-year-old man who was shot after, authorities say, he pulled a gun on police when confronted while trying to burglarize one car and steal another in Wadsworth has been charged with a host of felonies, including attempted first-degree murder.
A Lake County sheriff's deputy shot a man who pulled out a gun when confronted by police after trying to burglarize one car and steal another Friday, authorities said.
Sergeant Zachary McBridge of the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office said the suspects would break in to houses, burglarize them, and then set the fires to "mask or hide the fact that the burglaries occurred." Their crime spree was interrupted when one of their gang encountered an armed homeowner.
Bickle told police he saw the teen burglarize his vehicle and then saw him walk up to his neighbor's vehicle, Doty said.
Authorities believe the man was attempting to burglarize the residence.
After a short chase, Corson was arrested on the 400 block of Webster Street, and police said they believe he was looking for area houses to burglarize, particularly those with open first-floor windows protected only by a screen.
This may be the case in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where NWFDailyNews.com reported on June 18 that two people were shot while attempting to burglarize a home.
A 17-year-old Aurora boy was charged with two counts of burglary Saturday after police said he and three others were seen looking for unlocked vehicles to burglarize in the Alschuler subdivision.