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For instance, Al-Asri Arabic English dictionary (1993), Al-Mawrid Arabic English dictionary (2000) and A dictionary of modern written Arabic (1974), three widely circulated Arabic-English dictionaries, list the following as English equivalents of the word saraqa 'steal': steal, rob, pinch, plunder, burglarize (burgle), filch, crib, cabbage, kidnap, etc.
The fact that Arabic-English dictionaries provide steal, rob and burglarize as equivalents to Arabic saraqa motivates learners to believe that these synonyms share the same syntax and semantics.
Before we embark on the analysis, it might be expedient to state that the verbs steal, rob, and burglarize have something in common.
Finally the feature that distinguishes the object of burglarize is that it must be a place and not a human being.
Any violation of this semantic constraint on the object of burglarize renders the sentence unacceptable.