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Virtually all the examples the study considered show that the verb burglarize refers to that kind of theft that is committed against places, but the things that these places contain are not burglarized by burglars, but rather are stolen, as the following example illustrates:
Did you know that many of the homes that have been burglarized didn't have their security systems turned on?
Retail establishments were the second most frequently burglarized commercial properties (24 percent).
Two vehicles were burglarized in the 28500 block of Deer Springs Drive, Nale said.
Retail stores and single-office buildings are the most likely commercial establishments to be burglarized, according to research done by Temple University's School of Business and Management in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
However, the store had been burglarized with some inventory and approximately $200 cash from the register taken.
He said he and his brother have both had their vehicles burglarized on the street within the past week.
After his daughter's house had been burglarized twice in the previous week, Donald Stewart decided to protect her home.
A nocturnal criminal, the suspect prowled and burglarized his victims' neighborhoods days, and sometimes weeks, prior to his attacks.
and Canadian cases in which "animal rightists" (Marquardt's term) have committed arson, burglarized laboratories, and threatened violence against scientists who use animals in their research.
We have been burglarized, vandalized, robbed at gunpoint, discovered our safe was missing and even had a delivery driver who abandoned his truck and stole the company charge card to purchase Christmas gifts from Neiman Marcus for his girlfriend.
He and the 13-year-old are also believed to have burglarized Piute on four previous occasions, deputies said.