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BURGOMASTER. In Germany this is, the title by which an officer who performs the duties of a mayor is, called.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The Burgomaster's Breakfast" had been sold to a new customer, a venerable connoisseur, blessed with a great fortune and a large picture-gallery.
Green's views relative to the cleaning of 'The Burgomaster's Breakfast.' The inclosed compound has just reached him from Amsterdam.
The brown, the black, the Burgomaster, the breakfast, and the ray of yellow light, all came clean off together in considerably less than a minute of time.
Then he remembered in a flash what the Burgomaster gull had screamed to him when he was a little yearling at Walrus Islet, and he tumbled backward in the water, for he knew that he had found Sea Cow at last.
The burgomaster had advanced ideas in the ship-owning line.
Can someone who wants to remain in the EU and bow down to the burgomasters be patriotic?
Surviving documents record a great procession of burgomasters across the Dam Square amidst a trumpet fanfare, an address by the presiding burgomaster followed by an "open-house" reception of the public in the new space, a celebratory salute of the civic militia companies, and a two-month kermesse in front of the new building.
Burton's descriptions conjure the complex morality of 17th Century Amsterdam – proud and protective of their mercantile success but also answerable to the Protestant asceticism enforced by the Burgomasters.
--(1987) 'Chiefs and burgomasters in Rwanda: the unfinished quest for a bureaucracy', Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law 72 (25-6): 71-97.
Appeal as he might to the "universal necessity of the rightful order of things" or to the bio-ecology of the forest, neither of these lofty tribunals could so much as delay, much less halt, the swift and sharp swath that the nobility and burgomasters in Dusseldorf were cutting through the forests of the Rhineland.
(185.) See, e.g., Letter from Elias Boudinot, President of Congress, to the Honorable the Burgomasters and Senate of the Imperial Free City, Hamburg (Nov.
In early modern Dutch cities the sheriff and his aldermen administered justice, but they were assisted by burgomasters who increasingly encroached on activities that had previously been confined to the former.