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BURIAL. The act of interring the dead.
     2. No burial is lawful unless made in conformity with the local regulations; an when a dead body has been found, it cannot be lawfully buried until the coroner has holden an inquest over it. In England. it is the practice for coroners to issue warrants to bury, after a view. 2 Umf. Lex. Coron. 497, 498.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The traveller answered that the same morning they had met these shepherds, and seeing them dressed in this mournful fashion they had asked them the reason of their appearing in such a guise; which one of them gave, describing the strange behaviour and beauty of a shepherdess called Marcela, and the loves of many who courted her, together with the death of that Chrysostom to whose burial they were going.
By these words of his the travellers were able to satisfy themselves of Don Quixote's being out of his senses and of the form of madness that overmastered him, at which they felt the same astonishment that all felt on first becoming acquainted with it; and Vivaldo, who was a person of great shrewdness and of a lively temperament, in order to beguile the short journey which they said was required to reach the mountain, the scene of the burial, sought to give him an opportunity of going on with his absurdities.
La la, the salt vat is no place for my kissed lips and love- lavished body." Mercedes lifted the lid of the chest and gazed fondly at her burial pretties.
I told him that, unhappily for the burial service, I was not a preacher, when he sharply demanded:
I had always conceived a burial at sea to be a very solemn and awe- inspiring event, but I was quickly disillusioned, by this burial at any rate.
"Well, this may be a burial place sure enough, but I think I see something alive all right--if it isn't a ghost."
Remembering what your brother and I once were to each other in the bygone time, I can understand the apparition making itself visible to me, to claim the mercy of Christian burial, and the vengeance due to a crime.
I survived myself; my death and burial were locked up in my chest.
The Burial Office read, Nor, while the anguish of his soul
Leonard's, Shoreditch, contains Christian names which appear to have been chosen with reference to the heroines of Shakespeare; and the record of burials bears the name of many an old actor of mark whose remains now lie within the churchyard."
However, most of our communities believe that neighbours and friends of the deceased should be responsible for the burial, hence the formation of funeral associations and burial committees for fundraising and burial logistics.If the deceased is an elected politician, those who wish to contest in the by-election or their proxies will jostle to become burial committee members.
Researchers the University of Bath's Centre for Death & Society - the UK's first centre to devoted to the study of all aspects of death, dying and disposal - want local views on the process of natural burial.