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Conceived by the company's creator, Angie Hobin, the troupe is made up of some of the country's most well-known burlesque performers and rising stars.
27, the group will host a burlesque show centered on the theme "Disrobing the Decades" at the Scottish Rite.
Ireland is such a small community and such a small scene in the circus world that I found the burlesque community and the circus world were intertwining.
The special show, featuring burlesque, boylesque and drag performances by some of Chicago's most talented performers, will take place at the Call Bar, 1547 W Bryn Mawr Avenue, on Friday, March 18 with seating starting at 9:00pm.
Some burlesque acts do take their clothes off and we will be featuring a selection of the best of these acts during the festival, but some actors and comedians take their clothes off too.
On Friday, she'll be back in Liverpool, on stage for the first time since she was 16 and in panto, in An Evening of Burlesque at the Empire.
Laura Michelle Siedlecki is the owner of Dollhouse Burlesque, one of the only schools of its kind in the Midlands.
Back in the early 19th century, burlesque was not so much about the strip-tease, and more about doing a skit that poked fun at popular social trends - 'burle' is Spanish for 'joke'.
Giorgio Cingolani, food and development manager, Burlesque Restaurant & Lounge said: "Our attention to detail has been unwavering and we feel Burlesque will offer Abu Dhabi's first a show-stopping experience.
When I got back, I was a bit bored, but I saw a burlesque show and I was absolutely hooked.
After being so intrigued by this era, I began to do my research and stumbled across the world of burlesque also known as the Art of Tease.
A night of well-performed burlesque -- such as the Carnal Carnival Burlesque Show promises -- is always an entertaining diversion, and a night of heavy metal is .