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In the days of Golden Miller and Arkle after the War, there were a lot of burlier chasers around.
Daly's slightly slighter build - even at the new-look 11st - allows him to play an important role where his burlier brothers-in-arms can not, wriggling into mangled cars, squeezing into confined crawl spaces if a building collapses.
Though the Thomistic argument for proof of God by common consent of humankind was impossible to seriously sustain by the end of the 1600s, adapting Locke to Aristotle made it possible, so Burlier argued, to deduce from a common-sense experience two key conclusions: first, that the spiritual mind and the material body were separate, and second, that matter behaved in accordance with general principles amenable to science.
But coming off a 2-1-1 road trip - with both losses by a single goal - the Bruins obviously have impressed the boss, who didn't mind heaping some heavy pressure onto their burlier black-and-gold shoulders.
It is bigger - it is longer and wider, providing more cabin area as well as a 47% increase in load area - but it is not burlier.
The burlier characters are arriving at their desks exhausted, but what is really humiliating is having to chase the stuffed rabbit
Helmer/co-scenarist, who's started to cut a burlier figure in middle age, plays archetypal ugly American William Cole.
NIEHS grantee Patricia Burlier and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health performed a meta-analysis of the scientific literature to investigate the effect of short-term and long-term breastfeeding on the risk of childhood ALL and AML.
com; (800) 762-0281) has three new heads: the Steelhead 100 XP 3-Blade (100-grains), with cut-on-contact razor chisel tip, one-piece solid steel ferrule and a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter; the Steelhead 125XP, identical except for its 125-grain weight and its 1 1/4-inch cutting diameter; and the Steelhead Extreme 125, weighing 125-grains, with a full-size Pathfinder point, three extra long, extra tough blades and a burlier 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter.