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An abundance of legroom is provided for all, and the generous width of the truck - roughly 2m from door to door - means that even the burliest of workers won't have to squeeze together.
5 per cent alcohol and a big taste that would sit well in the glass of the burliest of Grid Iron linebackers.
Weighing 18 ounces (510 grams) and insulated with Patagonia's proprietary, plasma-treated, water-repellent Encapsil (TM) 1000-fill-power down, the belay parka is unparalleled in warmth for its weight, designed for alpinists to take into the burliest of conditions.
Visually, Lucas Meachem made the burliest, scruffiest Mercutio I can recall, but he sang the role admirably, and another baritone, Dwayne Croft, was a stylish, resonant Capulet.